Scania Cup 2020 Cancelled

Skrivet 15 maj 2020 15:59

This year Scania Cup would have celebrated its 40th anniversary. The last weeks we have been trying to find a solution to arrange Scania Cup during May or during the summer.

But according to the still ongoing Covid19-situation, we do not find that it will be possible to set a new date for Scania Cup.

It is therefore very sad for us to inform you that Scania Cup 2020 will be cancelled. At the same time, we are more motivated than ever for Scania Cup 2021!

Nästa nyhet: Live Stream from all games!

Skrivet 07 mars 2018 10:50
News this year! All games from all arenas will be livestreamed. With an All Access Pass you get access to all livestreams and replays and also to download them. Right now you can get your All Access Pass for 169 SEK (ord. prize 189 SEK). Go to to get it! This years finals in Tälje A will also be TV-produced with two cameras and replays for an even better experi... Läs mer



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