Check in:

Check in at the tournament office at Täljehallen to receive your guest cards, hotel cards or meal tickets. If you have accommodation in a class room you will receive a key to your class room as well. The key will only be able to use for your own class room. Please notice that you will not have access before 18:00 Thursday the 6th.

If you have a positive account balance of your tournaments fees - this will be taken care of after the tournament.

C heck out:

Teams with accommodation in a class room must check out at 15.00 Monday at the very latest. Return your key to the Tournament Office when you have made your rough cleaning.

If your team’s cleaning in not well done you will be charged 1000 SEK.

Accommodation in class room:

Teams arriving Thursday will have access to their room from 18.00. Teams arriving Friday will have access directly to their room in Rosenborg/Täljegymnasiet and Igelstaviken.

Please also noticie that you will have to make a rough cleaning of your room before you leave the tournamnet. We also kindly ask you to not use any of the techinal equipment in the class rooms.

Bus schedule:

For big buses - the schedule is available at Cup Info in the menu bar and in the "Program" as well.

Mini buses will take care of transports to/from Viksberg, Wasa and Pershagen. All other gyms will use big buses.

Please also consider the walking distance between : Täljehallen – Park – Skogshöjd and from – Park - Skogshöjd – Västergårdand Igelsta - Östertälje-Gärtuna. It takes not more than 15 minutes from any of these places to one other.

Menu/Meal Tickets:

Opening hours for the canteen is available at "Cup Info" in the menu bar and in the program as well.

If you have not ordered guest- or hotel cards, or meal tickes it will be possible to buy meal tickets at the tournament office for 115 SEK per meal.

Scania Cup app:

The Scania Cup app is available for Iphone and at Google Play.

Basketballs in the gyms:

Please notice that we will not have any balls for warm up in the gyms.

The home team will pick the ball for the game as usual.

Digital score sheet:

A digital score sheet will be used for all games.

Before the game you will have to confirm your team line up and change numbers of the players if necessary. It will also be possible to add players.

All registrations (points, fouls…) during the game will be online.


All games for this year’s Scania Cup will be live streamed here:

It is possible to buy a package for all games or to buy games separate.

Price Cermony:

Price Cermony for each group will be after each final in Täljehallen or Rosenborg.

AllStar team and Scania Queen/King

An AllStar Team and a Scania Queen/King (MVP) will be selected in each group. All coaches will have the possibilty to vote. Your votes should be turned in to the Tournament Office before the final game in your group.