Groups with 8 or 10 teams will be divided into two pools and groups with 12 or 16 teams will be divided into four pools. All teams are guaranteed five games.

Boys and Girls born U19, U17, U16, U15, U14 and U13.

The tournament will be played during Easter 2024, 28 of March to the 1st of April (no games the 28th  of March)

All players must be licensed/registered, and by 31 January of the current season have played a official competition game for the club participating in the Scania Cup. With a competition games means a game in National Championship or in regular season in the district or region. A tournament game arranged by another club is not regarded as a officical competition game.

A player that has a licence/registration in any other club are not allowed to participate in Scania Cup.
A transfer from one club to another to particiapate in Scania Cup is not allowed.
You are only allowed to play in your own age group (year of birth) or elder