• All games are played 4x8 minutes effective time. Over time = 3 minutes effective time.
• Zone defence is only permitted in the age groups U19, U17, U16 and U15.
• In age groups U13 and U14 zone pressure is allowed on the frontcourt. Halfcourt defence must be man to man.
• Ball size 6 for boys born U13 and U14 and for all girls groups.
• Ball size 7 for boys born U19, U17, U16 and U15.

24 Second-rule is used in all groups. For U13 and U14 the referees are responsible and no visuale 24-second clock is used.


2 per half (2 time outs in period 1 and 2 and 2 time outs inperiod 3 and 4). Not used time outs in first half can not be used in secound half. 1 time out per team per over time periods.


Home team will be play in use uniforms and away team in dark uniforms.


You can only use/register 12 players per game but there is no limit of the number of players that you can use during the tournament.

A player must participate in the group stage to play playoff-games.